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11U Ms Majors looking for pitchers. We are a select baseball team, practice twice a week at Millsaps College and play mostly local area tournaments. If your 10 or 11 year old is interested in trying out please contact Jim Page at 601-291-7582 for more information.

Jim Page
Head Baseball Coach
Millsaps College
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2013 Cardinals Baseball 8s
We are an new competitive baseball team in the Mid-South our players
Are from North Mississippi , Memphis Tn , Jackson Tn
Our Coaches have both coached for over 20 years from competitive baseball to high school sports
In West Tn and North Mississippi
Our pratices: From Nov -Jan we will Pratice one day an week most of our players do take private hitting lessons with somone close to home that helps with being able to Pratice one day an week
Our 2013 Games : We are planning on playing 13 touraments in 2013 with one tourament in Nashville
Most of our touraments will be played in Southaven Ms , Hornlake Ms , Oxford Ms, Gameday baseball in West Tn , Jackson Tn
We are looking to only take 11 players this season
If you would like to tryout or be an coach email us at
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